Future Sounds of Operator Vol 1
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Future Sounds of Operator Vol 1

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We are big fans of Ableton and especially the Operator Synth. FM synthesis is a powerful and complex beast and many producers love the sound but find programming and designing usable patches time consuming, often detracting actually producing music. Our new range of sample packs starting with 'Future Sounds of Operator' aim to give you a powerful sonic arsenal that will enable you to concentrate on creating stunning music.

The 'Future Sounds of Operator' pack is perfect for Ambient, Electronic, and Soundtrack producers. Full to the brim with modulated soundscapes, deep basses, and spacey pads.

The patches included within the 'Future Sounds of Operator' pack are all produced as instrument racks so that essential controls for each patch are accessible using the Ableton macro controls. These macro controls make controlling the patch with your MIDI controller extremely easy. Simply link a controller knob or slider to a chosen macro control and away you go.

Contained in this pack:

  • 46 Operator based instrument racks with essential macro controls fully mapped.
  • Installation instructions.

System Requirements: The Future Sounds of Operator pack requires a PC or Mac running Ableton Live. The product has been tested on versions 7, 8 and 9 without issue. Please download the demo rack to make sure the pack is compatible with your system. To use all features of this pack it is recommended that you have Operator synth installed.

Click HERE to download the demo rack.

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