Licences and Policies

License Transfer

License transfers are permitted although the buyer and/or seller will need to contact Studio Toolz before this process takes place. We will then confirm the transfer process with you, the standard procedure is for the buyer to pay a £5.00 transfer fee so that we can issue them with the latest version(s) of the software being transferred and also update our systems.

Commercial Usage Policy

You may use Studio Toolz plugins in commercial music releases without restriction. There is no financial or non-financial requirement.


All content of the Studio Toolz website, including text, images, plugins, manuals and samples are the copyright (c) of Studio Toolz, unless specifically stated otherwise.

In all cases, without exception, you may not distribute plugins, or other copyrighted material without prior written permission from the copyright holder. This applies to all material, including freeware, payware, bundles and discontinued plugins.


Freeware means that you do not need to pay to download and use the software that is labelled as such. You CANNOT however distribute, sell or upload these plugins yourself, the copyright is still with Studio Toolz. This also applies to all payware, bundles, discontinued freeware or previous versions of plugins.

Privacy Policy

Studio Toolz will never pass on your information to any third party. You are only required to provide information if you purchase a plugin. Payment is via PayPal, to ensure secure and confidential transactions. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time and your address will automatically be permanently deleted from our server.