Cable Organisation Bar (Pack of 2)

Regular price £5.99

This UGREEN cable management solution is designed to make your desk and office tidy and organised. No more searching for your cables that slipped away and fell behind or under your desk. No more dealing with a jumbled and tangled cable mess. A tidy studio or office is a more productive place to work.

The five rubber grips and four slots design allows you to hold 4 cables or cords less than 5mm diameter at the same time, such as power cords, USB cords, cell phone charging cables, audio cables, headphones, and many more.

With strong peel and stick backing adhesive you can easily fix the solution to your desk, table, floor, cabinet, wall, furniture or any flat surface at your home, office, car, garage, warehouse, kitchen, studio.

You will receive a pack of two bars.

(Please allow up to 20 days for delivery)

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