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ST-101 Analogue Mastering Rack (Lite)

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Mastering can be a tough process and may take years of training to become a proficient Mastering Engineer. Every track produced is different and requires a good ear and the correct tools to master correctly. But don’t worry, our range of Ableton Live racks will take you one step closer to that perfect final master.

Our free and premium mastering racks for Ableton Live will give you a great starting point to make your tracks loud and sit along side any other track in a DJ set or on the radio!

Inside this pack you will find 1 mastering rack.

ST-101 Analogue Mastering

This rack, as the name implies is designed to simulate the nuances of analogue desks and outboard mastering gear. If you are looking for a clean master then the ST-101 is perfect, but where this rack really comes in to its own is if you want to add a little analogue character!

This rack has handy macro controls which we urge you to tweak. The rack is well tested and has proven to be effective on many tracks by producers on our in-house record label and further afield.


Simply drag and drop .adg file into audio tracks in Ableton alternatively copy it to your Audio Effect Racks folder or another folder of your choice.

Note: This rack has been fully tested in all versions of Ableton Live 9+.

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